Public Safety Shut-Off

After the wild fires in Northern California in 2018, PG&E instituted a policy of turning off electrical power to transmission and distribution lines. During periods of high temperatures, high winds low humidity, de-energizing the wires minimizes fires if equipment breaks or trees contact them. If these conditions exist near a transmission line, the actual area without power might be miles away at the end of the line. PG&E makes an effort to notify the public when a PSPS is possible and imminent.

Japantown Prepared! offers the following suggestions:

  • sign up for PSPS alerts from
  • monitor local news stations and social media web sites for updates
  • be prepared to deal with a power outages such as install a home battery, install solar panels with a battery (the solar panels don’t power the house when the power is cut off is there is no battery), get a generator and/or have an place to go where power is available
  • know your neighbors and check on people who have medical challenges
  • San Jose often opens up refuge centers at community centers. At the last PSPS, the Roosevelt Park center was activated
  • you can charge small devices in your vehicle with adapter cables
  • if your water is pressurized using electricity, you may lose water pressure

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