Disasters can hit when we least expect it. Are you and your household prepared to handle a disaster before, during, and after? Here is a quick diagram on what you should prepare for.

BEFORE: – Know what the threats are
– Know how to respond.Fight or flight?
– How to choose?
– Create an escape/evacuation plan
– Know first aid/CPRDrop, cover, hold on
– Shelter in place
– Know how to turn off utilities
– Secure falling objects, water heater, glass pictures
– Get tools and supplies
– Plan upper story escape route
– Have alternative shelter options
– Set a meeting place nearby away from falling objects
DURING: – Don’t panic/run
– Check for injuries/provide 1st aid
– Summon help; firefighters, paramedics
– Remember options: Fight/flight situation
– Check for damages inside and outside
– Turn off utilities as needed
– Repair damage to structures
– Stay or evacuate?
AFTER: – Arrange long-term care for injuries
– Take care of basic needs; water, food, shelter, warmth, protection from the elements, sanitary needs, care for emotional trauma
– Repair damage to structures
– Watch for fire from nearby structures
– Get water, electricity, gas, and sewer restored

Below is a video by Living Survival in regards to recommended items to keep in your kit.